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Saturday, December 19, 2015

8 types of Deity forms

8 types of Deity forms

The spotless purana Srimad Bhagavatam (11.27.12), describes the
eight types of Deity forms: 

śailī dāru-mayī lauhī
lepyā lekhyā ca saikatī
mano-mayī maṇi-mayī
pratimāṣṭa-vidhā smṛtā (Srimad Bhagavatam 11.27.12)

"The eight types of Deity forms are declared to be:a form carved from a block of stone, a form carved from wood, a form made of metal, clay, paint, sand, made of jewels or conceived within the

The living entity is the eternal servant of the Supreme Lord, but
due to being inimical towards Him, he has,from time im­memorial,
been wandering through higher and lower species of life, identifying
with each body thus obtained, and so being burned by the three-fold
miseries. As long as this envious attitude towards the Supreme Lord
remains he will not be able to obtain His shelter, and for that long he
will have to remain bound in the prison house of the material world.

If a conditioned soul, due to the influence of some great good fortune, develops an inclination towards the service of the Lord, and
again becomes favorable towards Him, then he is able to regain the
eternal association of Lord Krishna. Therefore, bhagavad-bhakti,
or devotional service to the Supreme Lord, is the only means to
obtain Him. This is the final conclusion of all the scriptures, including the Upanisads, the puranas and the Pancaratras.

(note: Do not worship broken or handicap deities, made from plastic, made from paper or other materials which never mentioned above)