Friday, January 28, 2022

Ānandakanda , Ancient book on Mercury and chemistry

 Mercury and Atomic Energy in Ancient India

yathâ lohe tathâ dehe kartavyah sȗtakah sadâ
samânam kurute devi pravishan deha-lohayoh
purvam lohe parîksheta tato dehe prayojayet
[Ānandakandaḥ 2, 13]
"Mercury is injected into some metal and also into the body. However, this Mercury should be first injected into the metal and tested, and then applied on the human body for treatment."
The strange Sanskrit book, Ānandakanda, is all about mercury and other heavy metals, and the production of atomic energy. Vedha [वेध] means to pierce, to inject, to break, to cut. The verses above, taken from this book, say that there two types of vedhas: metallic [लोहवेध] and bodily [देहवेध].

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