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Palmistry and Body Reading in Garuda Purana

Physiognomy Palmistry and other related sciences originated in Ancient India and then travelled to Iran, Rome and Europe.
In Garuda Purana, composed by Sage Veda Vyas and his disciples about 5000 years ago, Lord Vishnu reveals few details about lines and marks on palm, face and body which indicate personality traits and future of an individual.
Chiromancy or Palmistry is reading Fate through Lines and Physiognomy Means judging character by face.
Dwelling at length about the importance of physical traits and symptoms apparent in an individual, Lord Vishnu said to Siva – If one sees the following physical traits in a man, he should immediately understand that he is seeing a prospective King : Hands and feet as soft as a Lotus flower, pink nails and no space left between the fingers when kept straight. There is no sign of bulging veins on his hands and palms and they do not sweat excessively.
On the contrary, a person having rough feet that appears pale, with prominent veins on them indicates that the concerned person would be poor and miserable. [Garuda Purana 14.3.6]

Predicting Longevity from Forehead Line(s)

Lord Vishnu said – Anybody having three parallel lines on his forehead lives happily for sixty years whereas two parallel lines indicates that he would live till the age of forty years. Only one line on the forehead indicates that he would have a short life but if the line stretches up to both the ears then he lives for a century. If two parallel lines on the forehead stretches up to both the ears, then the concerned person lives for seventy years while a triple parallel lines reaching both the years indicates that he would live till the age of sixty years.
A forehead devoid of any line on it means that the concerned person would live for only forty years while a cobweb of intersecting lines on the forehead indicates that the concerned person is definite to die a premature death.
A forehead with a Trident or an Axe mark on it indicates that the concerned person would be prosperous and live for a century. [Garuda Purana 14.3.7]

Predicting Lonegvity in Palmistry

Lord Vishnu, continuing with his narration told Shiva that the age of a person could be predicted by the lines found on his palms – If the life line reaches the base between index and middle fingers then the concerned person lives for almost a century. If the life line is long, clear and without intersections from other lines then the concerned person lives for a hundred years. [Garuda Purana 14.3.8]

Physiognomy prediction based on physical traits of Women

Lord Vishnu said – A woman having a round face, curly hair and lower portion of her navel slightly slanted towards right, is extremely fortunate not only for herself but also for her whole clan. Similarly, a woman with golden complexion and hands as beautiful and soft as red lotus flower is exceptionally chaste and faithful towards her husband. A woman having dry and unruly hair and also round eyes becomes a widow.
A woman whose face is round like a full moon and which radiates like a rising Sun and whose lips are juicy like a ‘Bael’ fruit (Wood apple), enjoys a happy and contented life.
A woman having a cobweb of lines on her palms is sure to lead a torturous and painful life whereas a palm with few lines indicates that she would be poor. If the lines are pink, then they indicate happiness, prosperity and good health whereas blackish lines indicate that she would live a life of slavery.
Any woman having either a ‘Chakra (circle)’, a hook or a ear ring mark on her hand indicates that she would beget worthy sons and rule like a queen.
A woman having hair around her breasts as well as a protruding lower lip spells doom for her husband.
Any woman having a festoon mark (a chain or garland hung in a curve as a decoration) on her palms indicates that she would get married in a family superior to her in status.
A woman having a round navel with brown hair around it leads a life of slavery despite being born in a royal family.
A woman whose little toes as well as big toes of both the legs do not touch the ground while walking spells doom for her husband.
Beautiful eyes of a woman indicate good fortune while soft and tender skin indicate a happy married life. [Garuda Purana 14.3.9]

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