Friday, July 8, 2016

Translation of the Vishwamitra (Savitur) Gayathri:

Translation of the Vishwamitra (Savitur) Gayathri: 

(From the) origin (Brahma come the three realms of) material, experiential, and emotional, (may they be bathed in the)  ray of Savitur, and bring us closer to that deity of glorious light. 

Note: In the Brahmanical i.e. Non Puranic, Vedic  tradition, Brahma is not part of a trinity. From Brahma comes his light Mitra who together with his fluid Varuna and matter Aryama form the cosmos. Mitra forms and sustains 12,000 types of Suns. From the Sun comes his light Savitur (father) comprising the three Gunas of Virinchi (creative etc), Narayana (sustaining etc) and Shankara (transcreative etc), who, as light, warmth etc (Sandhya), life etc (Savitri), sound etc (Gayatri) and knowledge etc (Sarasvathi) forms and sustains life here in unison with water (Aapa) and soil (Bhu) the two mothers: 

(via Ekal Sanatana and Rajesh Ramachandran)

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