Monday, February 1, 2016

Vedas against meat eaters

Aditya Agnihotri's photo.सहमूराननु दह क्रव्यादः । अथर्ववेद् ८.३.१८
O' Agni! You burn down all those idiots to ashes who consume corpse (non vegetarian) foods. - AtharvaVeda.
हे अग्नि ! तू माँसाहारी मूर्खों को जला दे ।
May I be dear to all animals (Atharva 16.71.4)
2) May you eat rice (Vrihi); may you eat barley (Yava), also black
beans (Mdsa) and Sesamum (Tila). This is the share aloted to both of you for happy results, 0 you two teeth (dantau), may you not
injure the father and mother. (Atharva - 6-140-2)
3) Do not kill any of the Creatures. (Yaju. L 1)
4) Do not kill the horse. (Yaju. 13.42)
5) Do not kill quadrupeds. (Yak. 13.44)
6) Do not kill wool-giving animals. (Yak. 13.47)
7) Not kill human beings (Yak. 16.3)
8) May you be illumined by the mighty rags of knowledge and may
you not kill the cow, the aditi (Yaju.13.43)
9) Do not kill a cow but treat her as Mother. (Yaju.12.32)

Aditya Agnihotri's photo.Shri Ram is not Shri Ram without arms and ammunition, Shri Krishna is not Shri Krishna without Sudarshan Chakra, Shri Parshuram is not Shri Parshuram without his Parshu

Did you know that Shri Parashurama is immortal and will reappear as the Guru of Shri Vishnu's 10th avatar Kalki?
He is the only one apart from Ravana's son Indrajit to possess the three ultimate weapons: the Brahmanda astra, Vaishnava astra and Pashupatastra.
Probably these three celestial weapons will be used to target and wipe clean all Adharmics from the face of this earth

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