Saturday, December 19, 2015

Where was mountain lifted by Hanuman

Ritigala in Sri Lanka

Ritigala is the highest range of hills in Sri Lanka's so called Cultural Triangle, which was the core region of the ancient and medieval Sinhalese civilization. In Ritigala there was one of the most important monasteries of austere forest monks. It also served as a pilgrim's place and had a hospital for Ayurvedic treatment, because the Ritigala hills are famous for their abundance of medical plants. Legend has it that the reason for this is that Ritigala is a part of Mount Dronagiri. When Lakhshmana was severely injured by Indrajit during the battle on Lanka, Hanuman was sent to fetch the life-restoring Sanjivani plant from the Himalayas. But when Hanuman realized that he was unable to find this herb in time, he lifted the whole Dronagiri and flew with it to Lanka, but on the way he lost some parts of it, Ritigala being one of them

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