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First Sloka Of Ramayana and Brahma

The First Sloka Of Ramayana and Brahma 

Brahma said to Valmiki Rsi by my mercy mother Saraswathi appeared in your tongue. There is no mistake in that first sloka.

Ma nishada pratishtam tvam agama shasvati sama / Yat krauncha mithunat ekam avadhih kama mohitam
(Desist O hunter! May you not get stability or peace for endless years, since you killed one of the pair of cranes, in love with each other.)

Brahma explained to Valmiki rsi Ma nishada - Dear hunter when you shoot the crane(krauncha) pratishtam tvam agama shasvati sama
Ma- Maha Lakshmi who resides in the heart of Lord Srinivas I pay my humble obeisances.

Lord Rama and Mother Sita are two cranes, the hunter appeared to be Ravana tried to destroy mother Sita. So the Lord Srinivas who has mother Laksmi in his heart destroyed Ravana, I pay my respectful obeisances.

Valmiki Rsi was surprised with the sloka whereas he cursed the hunter with the sloka but it turned into a sloka which glorifying Lord Srinivas and mother Lakshmi.

Lord Brahma advices Valmiki rsi to continue his work on Ramayana and blessed him.

yaavat sthaasyanti girayaH saritaH cha mahiitale || 1-2-36
taavat raamaayaNa kathaa lokeSu prachariSyati |
yaavat raamasya ca kathaa tvat kR^itaa pracharishhyati | 1-2-37
taavat uurdhvam adhaH cha tvam mat lokeshhu nivatsyasi |

As long as the mountains and rivers exist in this world , the story of Ramayana would be talked about by people. As long as the story of Ramayana as written by you is being told, you till then you would reside in the earth, heaven and the nether world. Saying this that God Brahma vanished. And this made the sage and his disciples astonished.

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