Monday, July 27, 2015

33 crore gods , deva- explanation

Hindus have 33 crore gods -explanation
**************************************************33 divinities are mentioned in the Yajur-veda, Atharva-veda, occurs in the Parsi scriptures of Avesta as well.The expression trayastrimsa deva is found in the list of classes of gods in Sanskrit Buddhist texts like the Divyavadana and Suvarnaprabhasa-sutra.The word koti in ‘trayastrimsati koti’ does not mean the number '33 crore’ or '330 million’. Here koti means 'supreme’, pre-eminent, excellent, that is, the 33 'supreme’ divinities. It has been documented in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad Śākalya : “How many gods are there?” Yājñavalkya : “Three hundred and three.” Then he says, “Three thousand and three.” Śākalya : “Is this the answer that you give me to my question, how many gods are there? Three thousand and three; three hundred and three! Have you no other answer to this question?” Yājñavalkya : There are thirty-three gods. Śākalya : “All right!” (not satisfied with answer) …Tell me again properly; how many gods are there?“ Yājñavalkya : "Six are there.” Śākalya : “How many gods are there. Tell me again. Think properly.” Yājñavalkya : “Only three gods are there.” Śākalya : “How many gods are there? Tell again. Yājñavalkya : "Two gods are there.” Śākalya : “Tell again; how many gods are there?” Yājñavalkya : “One and a half gods” (Then he was very much upset) Śākalya : “What is this you say, one and a half gods. Tell again properly; how many gods are there?” Yājñavalkya : “One god is there,” Śākalya : “All these numbers that you have mentioned – three thousand and three, three hundred and three – what are these gods? Give the names of these gods, the deities.” Yājñavalkya : “All these three thousand and all that I mentioned – they are not really gods. They are only manifestations of the thirty-three. The thirty-three are the principal manifestations, and others are only their glories, radiances, manifestations, magnificences or forces, energies, powers.” Śākalya : “But what are these thirty-three?” Yājñavalkya : “The thirty-three gods are eight Vasus, eleven Rudras, twelve Ādityas, then Indra and Prajāpati – these make thirty-three gods.” Śākalya : “What are these Vasus which are eight in number?” Yājñavalkya : “Fire is one deity; earth is one deity; air is another; the atmosphere is one deity; the sun is one deity; the heaven is one deity; moon is one deity; the stars are one deity. These constitute eight groups” Śākalya : “Why do you call them Vasus?” Yājñavalkya : “Everything is deposited as it were in these constituent principles. Therefore, they are called Vasus.” Śākalya : “Who are the Rudras?” Yājñavalkya : “The ten senses and the mind make eleven. These are the Rudras.” Śākalya : “What are the twelve Ādityas, the suns?” Yājñavalkya : “They are twelve forces of the sun, takes away the vitality of people.” Śākalya : “Who is Indra? Who is Prajāpati?” Yājñavalkya : “The rain cloud can be called Indra. Sacrifice can be called Prajāpati.” Śākalya : “What do you mean by rain cloud?” Yājñavalkya : “By rain cloud I do not actually mean the cloud, but the lightning which is the embodiment of energy.”

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