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Darwin theory is most unscientific.At the last times of his life , even Darwim told he is not sure of his own theory.. The growth of materialism and atheism in mordern age may have led people to tell this as truth.Let us look some points
First . A group of nonliving atoms cant make life. If humans are just a collection of atoms it would be working like 'MACHINE ROBOT' and would not have any 'FEELINGS' . It has to be remembered that life is life and matter is matter.Life cant emerge from matter.There are various grades of life as there are various forms of matter.Both are independent entities.It points to the concept of soul. A soul can neither be created nor be destroyed.
Secondly if one species have evolved to another we would have seen atleast some monkeys ie in some forests around the world turning into humans even today.
Thirdly the argument that the large ape when standing on hint feet look like a human can be dismissed by observing that looks are deceptive.
Fourthly when one species leads to another the resultant species is impotent such as mule and a sweet lemon (in fruits).
Fifthly even in the days of man injected into a she-monkey or a male monkey injected into a women produce a man.Thus even a 50% human genetial is unable to produce a human how can a cent percent different genetial block produce a cent percent human.
Moreover had monkeys evolved to humans we should have had monkeys qualify atleast to kinder garden and primary school levels while humans attain doctoral degrees
The world itself is created by divine power. Why cant it be possible? When musk deers are born with musk , when honey bees are born with honey combs why cant humans naturally born with divine power at first generation .
Darwin was apparently misled by his imagination.He noticed that there are various grades of life slightly different from each other.From that he concluded that one may have led to another.But the illogiacality of that conclusion may be illustrated by taking a parellel instance.If a person arranges books in a library in the ordre of their of their pages , from a single page book to 1000 page book , could he claim that since the pages increases gradually each bigger one evolved from smaller one.The flaw in the arguments will be evident when it is can be shown that one can look at it from other too and argue that each smaller book evolved or devolved out of bigger volume .But in either case the flaw is that if one species led to another why does the latter also continue to exist ??Similarly the world is library which is arranged by divine power in various orders.
The evolution theory is also unable to explain whether whether egg come first or chicken ? or whether women evolved from man or viceversa?
The basic puzzle remain unsolved in all spheres .
No branch of scientists are not able to satisfy basic questions in all spheres.For eg Botanists dont know whether seed come first or the tree? Biologists cant say whether egg came first or hen? Physicists are puzzled whether light is a wave or a particle.Oceanologists are surprised that oceans never overflow despite incessent inflow of water from innumerable rivers. Similarly list goes on
Scientists say science is always growing and they change opinions at different times.For eg when atom model was invented differnt atom models were suggested st different times by Rutherford ,Thomson , Dalton , Bohr at different times .Now people are believing in Bohrs atom model. In facts some months before some scientists told that humans formed from mating of pig and monkey. This shows they themselves are not sure.Tomarrow this may also be changed. Theory of evolution may also be changed or called false by scientists themselves in future.

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