Saturday, September 27, 2014


नास्ति विद्यासमो बन्धुःनास्ति विद्यासमः सहृत् ।नास्ति विद्यासमं वित्तम्नास्ति विद्यासमं सुखम् ॥
There is no kin equivalent to knowledge.There is no friend equivalent to knowledge.There is no wealth equivalent to knowledge.There is no happiness equivalent to knowledge.
कामधेनुगुणा विद्याह्यकाले फलदायिनी ।प्रवासे मातृसदृशीविद्या गुप्तं धनं स्मृतम् ॥
- चाणक्यनीतिः
Knowledge has the quality of Kamadhenu, which grants all wishes of a true seeker. It is useful at all times. When in a foreign land, our knowledge takes care of us like a mother. Knowledge is aptly believed to be a secret wealth.
अजरामरवत्प्राज्ञोविद्यामर्थञ्च चिन्तयेत् ।गृहीत इव केशेषुमृत्युना धर्ममाचरेत् ॥
- हितोपदेशः
A wise person should pursue knowledge and wealth as if he was to live young forever। He should practice moral principles as if death has grabbed him by his hair.

सुखार्थी चेत्त्यजेतविद्याम्विद्यार्थी चेत्त्यजेतसुखम् ।सुखार्थिनः कुतो विद्याकुतो विद्यार्थिनः सुखम् ॥
One who delights in material wealth sacrifices education।One who desires to gain knowledge gives up luxuries.How can someone seeking lavish life gain knowledge?How can someone seeking knowledge lead a luxurious life?

विदेशेषु धनं विद्याव्यसनेषु धनं मतिः ।परलोके धनं धर्मःशीलं सर्वत्र वै धनम् ॥
One's knowledge is his wealth when in a foreign country.One's intelligence is his wealth when in adversity.One's righteousness is his wealth in the netherworld.One's character is a wealth everywhere and at all times.

जयतु संस्कृतं !
प्रथमं वयं स्व-परिचयं वदामः
यथा -मम नाम भूपेन्द्रः
भवतः नाम किम् ?
मम नाम -----------
भवत्याः नाम किम् ?
मम नाम ---------
(भवतः पुरूष के लिए ,भवत्याः स्त्री के लिए )

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