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Aryavart's photo.TRUTH OF EVIL EMPEROR ASHOKA - SO CALLED GREAT propogated by so called Secularist and Indian historians . He hated Hindu dharma and never followed any method ... but after conversion to Buddhism he became ...a cruel monster and killed hindus and Jainas alike.

[The Buddhists texts record the murder by so called Emperor Ashoka. There were Two Ashoka's one was king and one Emperor , here we speak of the Emperor Ashoka ]

He killed more than 100 of his half brothers to come to power and the Baudha text Divyavadan tells that Ashoka killed 12,000 Jain monks being angry by idol of Buddha touching feet of Mahavira (as his guru though the same is admitted by Bauddha texts). Mass killings of innocent peaceful monks was termed as shunning of violence by adoption of Buddhism.

Ashok after converting to Buddhism did not turn to vegetarianism. He only restricted the number of animals to be killed for the royal kitchen.


 Ashoka the 'Great'. Here is his 'Greatness':

1. In Kalinga war, he killed 60,000 NON-COMBATANTS incl. pregnant women. Took 80,000 slaves incl non-combatants .
2. In rebellion in Upper Magadha, he put all surrendered rebel villagers to death (rebel against 75% taxation!!!).
3. He usurped the throne by killing all his half brothers 100 in numbers.
4. He would order chopping off hands for women committing adultery (not men though).
5. He killed a sweeper after deep torture for 'appearing in his dreams in arrogance'.
6. When he defeated Greeks, Seleucus had 15,000 men and he had 150,000. Seleucus ran and returned with 35,000 men and took back territory. Historians say so much about his story of the first victory!!!
7. His common way of disposing off enemies was by "starvation" and "death by exhaustion".
8. In the Kherevela war, he punished 12,000 women who refused to submit to his authority .... to by "death by thirst".

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